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Mark Wilkinson Photography Tips to choose Valuable Tips for Choosing a Photographer

Valuable Tips for Choosing a Photographer

Investing in a photographer is a big deal. You’re dedicating a substantial sum of money and some of your valuable time to collaborate with a professional for the purpose of committing your image to timeless photographs. So, it’s clearly not enough to simply search Google and select the first photographer in your area that comes across the screen. Below we’ll give you some handy tips to help you choose the right photographer for the job.

Always Look at the Portfolio

Whether it’s a physical copy or an online portfolio, be sure to take a good, long look at the works produced by the photographer in the past. The portfolio says much of what you need to know about them, as it speaks to their:

  • Technical abilities
  • Editing skills
  • Eye for composition
  • Unique photography style

You want to be certain that your chosen photographer is someone who can accomplish the vision that you have in your head.

Speak with Them in Person

When you work with anybody, things go a lot more smoothly if your personalities mesh and there’s no friction. The best way to get an impression of this is to meet your photographer in person, perhaps even more than once, before making a commitment. If they seem particularly rigid or even rude, they might be too much for you to deal with during the actual photoshoot. If they come across as too blasé about working and don’t seem to care about your project, the eventual outcome might not be as you intended.

You’re going to be working together, after all, so why not try to keep the harmony with a photographer that you’re happy to work with? Photoshoots aren’t always the most enjoyable experience, but a pleasant working relationship with your photographer can elevate the session.

Get References

Check out reviews of the particular photographer online – where people are damning if they had a bad experience and glowing if they had a positive one. A series of bad reviews could serve as a red flag to suggest that you should look elsewhere. Overwhelmingly positive reviews are a great sign that indicate moving forward isn’t such a bad idea.

Has a family member or friend hired the photographer before? That’s even better! Friends and family members don’t want to lead each other astray, so you can usually expect a very honest review if you ask them about their own experience with the photographer.

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